badminton racquet from Duett, close up
badminton racquet from Duett, close up

Badminton game

Badminton game with two racquets and a ball container

The badminton set from the “Germina” brand includes two racquets with a length of 56.5 cm and a shuttlecock container, all in a blue and white carrier net. The racquets are made of varnished wood, while the grips are covered in green and white plastic. The card container with a lid includes three shuttlecocks made of plastic and rubber. They are marked with the word “Schwalbe” (“Swallow”). The container also indicates that the shuttlecocks’ aerodynamic qualities conform to international standards. From 1976, “Germina” sports items were produced in Schmalkalden by VEB Möbel- und Sportgeräte, which later changed its name to VEB Kombinat Sportgeräte Germina. The company’s 14 factories produced all kinds of sports equipment, both for schools and elite athletes.

Key data

Cardboard, Lacquer, Plastic, Wood
VEB Kombinat Sportgeräte Germina
L racquet: 56,5 cm


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