pink bathing shoes
pink bathing shoes, sole
pink bathing shoes
pink bathing shoes
pink bathing shoes
pink bathing shoes, sole

Bathing shoes

Pink, size 41 bathing shoes

The pink, size 41 bathing shoes made of rubber protected the wearer’s feet from sharp stones or shells when bathing in a lake or the sea. At the same time, they were a fashionable eye-catcher with their bright colours and perforated pattern. The shoes are open at the toes. They are also practical at swimming pools, since the profiled sole in a wavy pattern ensures grip. The shoes have a slim cut and are easy to slip into, since the space for feet is relatively large. There is no fastener. Their rubber material makes them light and elastic, making them adaptable to the shape of the feet. The design is based on its function: the apertures and perforations in the shoe allow any water entering to flow out immediately. Nor is there any chance of an air pocket in the shoes, which would make underwater use difficult.


size 41


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