Colour slides

392 color slides with various motifs (selection)

The 392 colour slides from the estate of Hildegard Schneider (1928 – 2019) contain landscape images, animal photographs, portraits, close-ups of plants and fruit, interesting architecture and sightseeing highlights. All photos were taken by Schneider herself. Schneider, a teacher, came from Neuzelle near Brandenburg. She was a passionate traveller and also went on journeys that were initially difficult to organise from the GDR. For instance she travelled to Egypt after making a “special application”. She used her camera to capture impressions of the country and people there, later producing slides out of her 135 film. The extremely diverse and photographically interesting collection of slides helped the teacher to hold presentations on her trip to Cairo.

Key data

Hildegard Schneider (1928-2019)


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