painting, inside view of dinning room with guests and a big houseplant

Im neuen FDGB-Ferienheim (trans.: “In the new FDGB holiday resort”)

Painting by Heinz Dubois

The painting “Im neuen FDGB-Ferienheim” (trans.: “In the new FDGB holiday resort”) (50.0 x 71.0 cm) by the artist Heinz Dubois presents a lively dining room in which people sit at tables or have already left them. The group on the right-hand edge of the painting is just being served by an employee. The room is decorated by an expansive palm tree in the rear left-hand corner. The image presents a typical canteen at FDGB holiday resorts, with fixed dining times. The painting’s Impressionist technique and dynamic brushstrokes are noticeable, strongly diverging from the Socialist Realism preferred by the GDR state. Painted in 1965, it was commissioned by the Rostock FDGB Committee and loaned to the FDGB Trade Union School in Hohen Niendorf, where it was used as art in architecture.

Key data

Heinz Dubois (born 1914 in Schwirgsten/Ostpreußen, died 1966 in Weimar)
LxW painting: 50,0 x 71,0 cm


  • Art
  • Decoration
  • FDGB
  • Holiday
  • Holiday resort
  • Holidays
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  • Recreation
  • 60s
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