Drinking glass with cityscape of Prague

Prague glass

Drinking glass with cityscape of Prague

The presented ornamental glass from the time of the GDR has a height of 12.0 cm and a diameter of 6.0 cm. It could hold 0,2 l. A golden line has been drawn near the top of the cylindrical glass, with two more near the bottom. On the front side, the cityscape of Prague is displayed in thin black contours (with the lettering “PRAHA” beneath it). A special presentation of Prgue’s sighseeing highlights is shown on the rear side of the glass. Many of the city’s landmarks are depicted in golden contours, such as the Old Town Hall and the Powder Toower. The presented glass was probably a souvenir from a trip to what was then Czechoslovakia (see the sticker on the front side: „Made in Czechoslovakia“). Such glasses were very popular souvenirs and could be attractively arranged in a showcase at home. This decorative glass was probably manufactured by Bohemia Glass, as can be seen on the logo sticker.

Key data

Bohamia Glass
H & D glass: 13,0 cm & 6,0 cm


  • Czechoslovakia
  • Glass
  • Holiday abroad
  • Travel souvenir
  • black
  • gold
  • transparent