colored travel catalogue

The folded catalogue “Reisetip” was one of several GDR travel magazines. The 36.0 x 26 cm portrait-format catalogue used black & white or colour photos to present trips to Socialist countries such as Poland, Bulgaria, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Romania and the USSR. Whether city trips, recreation, long-distance journeys, health trips or mountain holidays, the catalogue provided information on the sights, as well as how to book a trip. Personal travel reports made it an entertaining read, a travel guide and a catalogue. “Reisetip” was published by the GDR travel agency „Reisebüro der DDR“, its logo “R” (designed in 1966 by Herbert Prüget) appearing on all pages and the cover. Other catalogues included “Der aktuelle Reisetip”, “Reise-Mosaik”, “Reise-Information”, “Reisen 77/78” and “Kurorte”.

Key data

Berliner Druckerei
LxW travel catalogue : 36,0 x 26,0 cm


  • Advertising
  • Catalogue
  • Entertainment
  • Holiday booking
  • Holiday journeys
  • Holiday planning
  • Inspiration
  • Preparation
  • Print product
  • Recreation
  • 70s
  • colorful