brown ski shoes with patterned laces
brown ski shoes with patterned laces
brown ski shoes with patterned laces, toe
brown ski shoes, view on the sole
brown ski shoes with patterned laces

Ski boots (Hiking boots)

Ski boots (hiking boots) for children

The ski boots (hiking boots) for children are approx. 24 cm long and made of reddish-brown, smooth leather. The heavy footwear reaches above the ankles and has a thick, black, profiled sole. A metal cover with five teeth at the tips improve the boots’ grip or hold when hiking or skiing. The instep has five pairs of metal clips around which the green, red and white striped laces can be wrapped for tightening. An additional leather strap, which can adjust to different sizes and includes a metal clip, runs along the instep. The edges are slightly padded at the ankles. The inscription “Wartha Schuh” can be seen on the sole. The children’s ski boots may have been produced by VEB Schuhfabrik Zwönitz, which specialised in children’s shoes. It is also possible that they came from VEB Schuhfabrik “Banner des Friedens”, which manufactured similar ski boots.


Leather, Metal, Wood
L shoe: 24,0 cm


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