immersion heater, head
immersion heater, head

Immersion heater with bag

The 115 cm long immersion heater, consisting of a metal spiral with a yellow plastic grip on a grey insulated cable, with a Bakelite plug, is used to heat up liquids during leisure activities and while travelling. The metal spiral uses electricity to heat up, warming the liquids into which it is immersed. It can quickly heat water for tea or coffee, or provide warm water for washing up, without requiring a hob or open fire. However, an immersion heater must be used carefully, since it only stops heating up when it is disconnected from the power supply. The immesion heater is stored in an artifical leather pouch. The small bag is decorated with an orange printed aeroplane and a train on it, their respective steam and exhaust emissions framing the logo, which in turn is surrounded by the lettering “TOURIST”.

Key data

Metal, Plastic
L Immersion heater: 115 cm


  • Camping
  • Coffee
  • Cup
  • Drink
  • Drinking
  • Electric appliance
  • Electricity
  • Holiday
  • Holidays
  • Leisure
  • unknown
  • green
  • silver
  • white