Travel posters

Colorful travel posters with various motifs and designs

The colourful travel posters in portrait and landscape formats advertised destinations using diverse motifs and designs. The posters advertising trips to cities in other Socialist countries recall the GDR’s many organised holidays offered by GDR travel agency and the youth travel organisation, Jugendtourist. The posters also reflect GDR advertising in general, which was uncommon. The Socialist state required advertising to provide information to consumers, encouraging a sensible, Socialist lifestyle. The slogan on the poster with a lakeside campsite reads: “Free time – Used sensibly – For active recreation”.

Key data

Jugendtourist; Reisebüro der DDR; Feriendienst des FDGB


  • Advertising
  • Entertainment
  • Holiday
  • Holiday booking
  • Holiday journeys
  • Holiday planning
  • Inspiration
  • Preparation
  • Print product
  • Recreation
  • colorful